Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Chitra Soundar's picture book dummy template

Over on her blog, Manic Muse, picture book writer Chitra Soundar has come up with the simple but extremely clever idea of using presentation software to put together picture book dummies.

If you've ever tried to develop an idea for a picture book you'll know that you spend a lot of time rewriting text, rearranging the design and the pages. Chitra explains the benefits of using presentation software here plus if you follow her blog or like her Facebook page she will give you a template for free.

Are you working on a picture book dummy? How are you going about it? Let me know if you try Chitra's idea and find it helpful. I have tried many methods, the simplicity of Chitra's idea appeals to me.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A free download for christmas

You are welcome to download and use this snowreindeer and mouse illustration provided it is for non-profit, non-commercial useages. You may like to print it out as a card for someone you care about, put a print out on your noticeboard or use it as a screensaver. Whatever you do I'd love to see a photo or hear about it in a comment here, on Facebook or on Twitter. You can see more of my illustrations on my website

(If you are wondering how to grab the image and are using a Mac clicking on the image and dragging it onto your computer desktop works.)

Merry christmas to you all.