Monday, 2 June 2014

Help for self publishing children's book authors

Some of my work.
A great new website has been launched, Help with Publishing, created by an author for authors.

It contains informative articles on writing, self publishing and marketing books.

Also on the site are listings to help writers find an editor, designer or illustrator.

I have created illustrations for self-publishing writers and very much enjoyed the experience. You can find my illustration and cover design listings on the site or email me for more information. To see my portfolios go to

If you are looking for a critique group or other kind of support and are a children's book writer or illustrator (published or unpublished) I recommend that you consider joining SCBWI, there are branches in many countries.

About Help with Publishing (taken from the website):

Hello, we’re Steve and Diana Kimpton. As the two halves of  The Word Pool partnership, we’ve been building and running book related sites since 1999. We’ve created this site to help authors find the information and technical help they need to publish their own books.  We hope you find it useful.
Diana is a children’s author with more than 40 books published so far and more in the pipeline. She has recently switched to self publishing most of her new books, and this site has grown out of the many questions she’s been asked by other authors considering doing the same.

Steve is the technical half of the partnership. His many years experience in the computer industry have given him a confidence and expertise which is invaluable in tackling web based projects and his background has helped him understand the technical side of ebook publishing.

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