Monday, 21 September 2015

Comic making events at Carnegie Library in south London SE24

I've not been blogging much lately because I've been putting together some new comic making workshops and events that will take place at Carnegie Library, 188 Herne Hill Road, London SE24 0AG.

First up is a 10 metre long collaborative comic "our environment" 10am-4pm on October 3. Anyone of any age is welcome to come along and draw or write on my roll of 100% recycled paper, no need to book just turn up. There will be lots of other activities going on in the library at the same time such as yoga and pasta making and I'm told there will be fire engines as well though I assume they'll be outside. This is a Fun Palace event and it should be quite a day. As the comic progresses I will be tweeting snaps of it at @ajlillywhite.

Collaborative Comic at Carnegie Library with Amanda Lillywhite

Starting the following saturday, 10th October, I will be running 6 comic making workshops for 9-12 year olds. It's almost fully booked, only one place left, so get in touch quickly if you know someone who might like to come along. My email address is written on the poster below or you can contact me via the links or contact form on this blog.

Comics Club at Carnegie Library with Amanda Lillywhite
There are more comics workshops and events coming up after that but I'll blog about them another time.

Children's Writers and Illustrators of South London (CWISL)

Earlier on this year I joined CWISL, a group of published writers and illustrators who live in the south London area.

I took part in CWISL's ShoutSouth! Festival for south London schools in June and we are currently planning a ShoutWest! Festival for west London schools in November.

It's an interesting and diverse group that produce books for children of all ages from babies up to young adult in a range of genres.

I recently took over the CWISL newsletter and the experience of putting an issue together was a fascinating insight into the range of activities and events the group is involved in. The perfect job for someone as curious as me!

You can read the latest CWISL newsletter here and you can sign up for an email subscription here.